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Thread: Honing Frequency

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    Default Honing Frequency

    Im new to straight shaving and wondering how often I need to hone.

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    here is what I have found to be pretty true

    First, shave ready edge - Count the shaves until it starts getting "Tuggy" then re-hone

    After 2nd honing - The number of shaves you got the first time through, should double because you are actually learning things now

    After 3rd honing - The number of shaves should double again because now you should be actually shaving and stropping correctly

    Whatever that number is now will pretty much stay there, but the factors that got you that number vary with each person
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    I don't count shaves or strokes or any of that. When a razor tugs or is very uncomfortable it is time to look at the edge and see how far back I may need to go with my hones.
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    I agree with what is said here. basically, you'll know when to hone again as it becomes evident in the quality of shave. don't overthink it
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    Also you are not obligated to hone or learn to hone. If you have just a few razors in rotation it is way cheaper to send them out. There is a variety of means to refresh an edge and keep it going a little longer.
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    I hone every time I get a new stone/Razor.... so every week. But I made a survey about how often people hone and it seems it was averaging around 20-40 shaves with some getting 80+ and others honing after 10 shaves.
    Steel can Ben a factor. Your face should let you know when to re hone. After you have experience I would say you want at least 10 shaves. But first few edges you use might not

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