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    I don't know any easy on-the-fly hardness test for barber hones. Brands that I can personally vouch for as producing nice finish edges on my razors are Swaty, Apart, "No. 00" Frictionite combination (Olean, NY), The Carborundum Co.(no # on mine, 1.5" by 4"), Itsapeech, and Aloxite. There are many others that I have not tried that no doubt work fine also. Most barber hones will need, or benefit from, lapping. The harder barber hones are generally the ones that put the best edges on my razors. They can also be miserable to lap on anything with a grit finer than my DMT D8C 325 mesh coarse. If you find one, I am willing to lap it free of charge, you pick up shipping.

    The main advantage of the DMT is no lapping is ever needed and a rather faster cutting action than most naturals (it still needs to be broken in by using a flat piece of steel or hone on it to smooth it up). The natural stones have a different "feedback feel" then DMT's and the only way to know which you will prefer is to try them both. Many users prefer the feedback they get when using the coticule. It's a very subjective thing.

    Then again, the Chinese 12k is a natural and the Spyderco UF is a synthetic. They both have very little feedback, having a glassy smooth feeling when honing on them. Once again, very subjective.

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    I lost my links to where I got my slipstones when my computer crashed a while back.

    They are the cheapest hones I have found and they work well enough though they are a quarter the speed of a Norton so pretty slow.

    I'd say give them a shot.

    I'd jump on that 4000 stone in Randys link before someone else grabs it, that is if it ships to you as cheaply as it does to me.

    Add an 8000 from the Woodcraft link and you have a complete honing set to get started with.
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    Thanks for the links. The slip stones do indeed appear to be the cheapest route. Thanks everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howard View Post
    A cheap but excellent edge can be had by using a "bout" which is an odd shaped piece of belgian coticule. At $65 you know you're going to get a great edge and not have to fool around buying all kinds of other stones.
    they're quite a bit cheaper here. Are these anny good?
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