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Thread: Dull blade

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    Quote Originally Posted by fmlondon View Post
    Unfortunately, I do not own a digital camera. It is a wedge blade, large and heavy. It really is a beautiful blade, and I am somewhat uncomfortable sending it out.

    Stick to the guys who have been here awhile, our reputations are more valuable to us than anything else. I for one have my own stubtails, I am sure most of us do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fmlondon View Post
    Hi Str8shooter,

    I have no desire to sell it. How do I contact one of the above people at SRD?
    Just a joke. Sending razor's is no prob. I have yet to have an issue. For me I just use the if it fits it ships. I did send a bunch out to SRD that I had insured but again very easy to do.
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