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    Default anybody know if any true kamisoris are left?

    Im stationed in japan, at misawa ab. been a straight razor user for a few years now, but since i live in japan i would like to take advantage of an oppurtunity.(if there are any left) so this is where i come to ask if any of you know of anybody on this side of the pond still hand forges and stamps their names into their own razors?

    any help would be appreciated. im hoping to find an artist and location, and pick one up in person.

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    I know there are a few guys here from the Japan area. YOu might PM member JimR. I haven't seen him around lately though. You should take every advantage you can to pick up some local steel while you are there, most likely you will never have that opportunity again. One makers name to look for is Iwasaki.
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    Yep, Iwasaki San is in Sanjō.
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