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Thread: Ne, Shi-tteru?

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    Default Ne, Shi-tteru?

    I don't know why, but I love these.

    They're commercials that teach you "trivia" (mostly, utter nonsense) using this basic concept: any time anyone eats anything "bean like", one of the beans turns into "Mame-shiba", a play on words--"Mame-shiba" is the Japanese name for a miniature Shiba, the breed of dog, and "Mame" means bean in Japanese. Teh Mameshiba tells the person some bit of trivia that may be vaguely related to the situation, or not, and the person is usually disgusted--either at the trivia, or the idea that the beans are talking to them.

    I LOVE them...
    Here are some with subtitles...

    And the only English one!

    And the song!

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