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Thread: Taxes in Japan

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    Default Taxes in Japan

    I know this is off topic from razors and what not, but I am lost.

    I am working in Japan for a total of 8 months for a university. They take about 20% out of each pay check for taxes. I was wondering if anyone knows if I have to file taxes in Japan for this. I make under 200,000yen a month.

    Now in the US, if you make under a certain amount you can file and get the money that was taken out back, does anyone know if this works in Japan?

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    Yes, you can get at least a partial refund of taxes (especially as you did not work last year, real tax rate are based on the PREVIOUS year's income). As for filing, your employer should be able to help you with this, or if you have a translator or your Japanese is good, try asking at the city office.

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