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    Default Artificial Honing Goods Jackpot

    Hey, if anyone is ever looking to get some of the harder-to-find honing/polishing goods in Japan, I've found the site:
    H‹ο ’Κ”Μ MonotaRO(ƒ‚ƒmƒ^ƒƒE) ΨνH‹οAμ‹ΖH‹οA‘ͺ’θH‹οAŒ€–ή‚Μ”Μ”„ƒVƒ‡ƒbƒv A‚ΰ‚Μ‚½‚λ‚€. (Direct link to polishing/honing section)

    They've got DLF, Diamond plates, polishing compounds, etc. out the wazoo.

    They've even got Diamond Paste up to #60000 grit (average .12micron grit). I can't imagine that'd be a good edge, but hey...

    I know I searched for stuff like this forever, so I thought some people might be interested.

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