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Thread: Automatic Knives

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    Jamie,,,such great photographs, all the time.
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    Default Gerber v. Benchmade

    So I've scanned through most of the responses... Nobody mentioned that Gerber also offers and Auto-Folder. It is quite comparable to the Benchmade, both in size and styling, but is remarkably less expensive. Also, I would opt for the Tanto style blade. I'm in the Army, and yes, I abuse my work knife, but I have yet to break my Gerber auto folder. I did however snap a rew inches off my Benchmade. The other thing to look at is ensuring that there is a good solid safety on there. Both the Gerber and the Benchmade have a side mounted safety (on the right side) so if you're left handed, it may not be quite as convenient for you. The last thing I want to mention is that the only drawback I've found to the Tanto blade/tip is that it is fairly inconvenient to sharpen. The sharp angle at the end of the blade really causes you to sharpen your knife as two totally different section. Again, not a huge deal, but the devil is in the details.
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    I've never owned a benchmade auto, but i did own a Microtech Ultratech for awhile, and all those people that are worried it'll open in your pocket, IT WON'T. For one, the action is very stiff! And secondly the blade only fires maybe the last 1/16" of the button travel. So you slide it up, slide it up, and slide it up more, and then you have to muscle it over that last point to pop the blade out.

    I can't speak for their side autos though, never handled any like the select fire D/A or the vector or kestrel models.

    Also if you want to look into protech they make some quality side autos on the smaller side more suitable for edc carry. Don't have experience with them, only from what i hear.

    Let me know if you need anything else knife related.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edhewitt View Post
    Not automatic, but I used to have a butterfly knife, I worked at a warehouse picking orders it was brilliant for opening boxes whilst hanging off pallett racking 3 metres in the air, but one day it weng missing, either stolen or I left it on top of a pallett and it fell somewhere. Still miss it, and it was fast to open.
    The UK or here Ed, I'm fairly sure you wouldn't have been within the strict confines of the law...But you won't catch me giving a damn, because I'm pretty sure opening boxes is not a crime!

    Anyway, not having read through every post I thought I would throw in two names of Auto for you, Mikov and Bill DeShiv and one name for folders able to be opened one handed, CRKT. All good knife brands from what I can gather. The CRKT and Mikov would be heavier duty than the DeShiv, but if your just cutting cordage and peeling fruit, then it wouldn't matter. If you were working on the farm then I would go for a Mikov or CRKT.

    Mikov Cocobolo scales single bolster
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    Mikov Cocobolo scales double bolster (top) Single bolster (bottom) lever release in ready position.
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    CRKT M16-03Z (top) CRKT Carson Krawford (2nd) Mikov (3rd) Bill DeShiv (bottom)
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