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Thread: Active vs. Inactive

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    In that case it is easy.
    If you are experienced in a sword art and wanting to do live practice (did I mention being an experienced practitioner?) then use / buy a live blade. If you are not experienced, or if you do not want specifically do train with a live blade, then don't. Even really experienced sword masters sometimes cut themselves. I know of one such experienced person with decades of experience who had to go to the ER because something went wrong sheating the sword and he poked it through his side. Luckily it was only skin and no meat / organs.

    No matter how good / careful you think you are, unless you are trained, you really shouldn't use a live blade because the risks are too big.
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    Right on Bruno, I have had to have stitches because of bad hand placement when sheathing a katana. Good clean cut though, just like a razor.
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    I'm not into the Asian stuff, preferring and having trained in European sword craft, starting off with Rapier and moving through to other styles such as Claymore, small sword, and various second weapons with the Rapier etc. I own dulled training weapons as well as a couple of live blades. Personally I would have live blades, but then I have had some training. An untrained person should stick with dulled beaters. believe me, I know from experience that even they can do some damage requiring micro surgery if you stuff up during training!

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