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Thread: Sharpening

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    What I do for a living has me in contact with Chefs from all over the food-world.

    It seems that the ones who maintain their own knives trace it back to either an Instructor at Culinary school or a mentor when they where first starting out/working as an apprentice.

    Before I came to be so interested in this I remember being in the break area of a very large kitchen and several of the line chefs where working on paring or boning knifes with what looked like (now) something the size of a large barbers hone.
    They would hone a bit, wipe with a side towel and test the edge with the thumb pad method, take a sip of coffee and move on to the next one.

    The ones who do this have knife rolls and take their knives home with them every day...

    Some locations have highly restricted knife rules (think; "airline flight kitchen") so there are no personal knives and you can't even check out a knife unless your ID has a knife endorsement. You can just imagine how they look after a while.
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    Not everyone will be interested in sharpening kitchen knives with a stone. I use a Sabatier sharpening steel. May not be the bees knees but works a charm.
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