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Thread: Flipper, Thumb Hole or Studs? What's your Favorite?

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    I'm a Flipper guy. My Kershaw works great and sound cool snapping open in half a heart beat!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gasman View Post
    I'm a Flipper guy. My Kershaw works great and sound cool snapping open in half a heart beat!
    I like the Kershaws but it was a Leek that didn't close.......
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    I like my Kershaw Amplitude assisted flipper but if I needed something to really count on I carry my Buck 112
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    I really like thumb studs. I had a spyderco with the hole and never cared for it. Seemed as though my thumb hung up on there. Really not a fan of autos either, which I know was not part of the question
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    had to get my phone charged so I can get a picture, like we always say without pics it aint happened

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    John fix this pic for me please ! Tc

    thank you John! I don't care what all the Mentors say about you Tc
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    Button Buck and imports.

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    I prefer the stud, my thumb always seems to get hung up in the hole
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    To me, a good EDC is a knife I can remove from my pocket, flip open, do the job, close and put back in my pocket all with one hand. This leaves my other hand free to hold onto the object being cut. Now to answer your question, my favourite to do this job is a thumb stud. I find it easier than a hole, and a flipper in my experience needs 2 hands to close.

    This is why I love my Benchmades. The axis lock in conjunction with a thumb stud makes one handed use very simple.

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    I have two. Work and non work. My work knife has a hole, but not in the traditional shape because it has other purposes than just a thumb hole.
    My not at work knife is a flipper. I prefer the part cerrated blades because they are way more effective on rope, and I tend to deal with rope a little more than most people. I am not opposed to a stud for opening, but I have not found one that I am comfortable with, in part because of the whole south paw thing.
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    Agree with Andrew, my edc needs to be accessible and openable with one hand.
    I like the choice of straight or serrated edge, job dependent as well.
    The leatherman charge with notched flippers fits the bill for me.
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    But if I'm out on the town and don't want the bulk of the charge multi tool on my belt in its stunning custom case, I reach for the stud,,
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    Sleek in the pocket and doesn't make my ass look fat, unlike every pair of jeans I wear ever, hehehe.
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