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You and me both brother!
I think it may be worthwhile to explain why it is important (for me) to carry a knife that can be opened and closed with one hand. While inmany situations it is okay to fish around in your pocket and find your Swiss Army or Case or Leatherman or whatever and holding it in your dominant hand pull out the blade (or tool) you need, use it then close the knife with both hands and put it back into your pocket. However, if you are on a ladder or up a tree or(as happened to me two years ago) laying on the ground with a fractued fibula on a trail in the forest, having the ability to pull out a blade, use it and put it away safely while never letting go of what you happen to have in your other hand may very well save your life.

Here is a website dedicated to knives of all sorts. Much like our wonderful SRP, these folks share a passion and a wealth of knowledge. Warning, this is another highly addictive community but it is a great place for learning about cutlery: