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    Default Your favorite hunting knife

    What's your favorite hunting knife that you reach for more than any other for skinning/gutting?

    Mine is a pre-1970 model D. H. Russell Design Canadian Belt Knife that I bought in July of 1970. My version doesn't have the lanyard loop. It was less than $20 at the time.

    I carried it around my neck for 3 combat tours (C-Rats were notoriously unpopular in the early 70's) and virtually every hunting trip since then. It has a well worn patina on it now and is easy to sharpen, yet holds an excellent edge. The design is weird looking but very comfortable and practical to use on game of all sizes.

    EDIT: The original leather sheath was very high quality and is, surprisingly, still fully intact. It was re-stitched once around 1973-74 and was kept well-oiled.

    2nd EDIT: While searching for a better knife picture, I found this bit about treating knife sheaths that might be of interest.
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    Thompson Talon made by my grandfather

    This one is mine.I inherited it after my other grandfather passed away

    This one is my dads it was made by my great grandfather and given to him when he married my mom

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    Very nice Knives

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    I'm not a hunter and never have been but I have always liked Randall Made Knives. I've had a few and sold them over the years as I couldn't justify having something I wasn't using and probably never would but they are beautifully made. I have an old HC Puma 'White Hunter' that I am keeping more as a survival knife if the omelet ever hits the fan which seems more possible then it ever did before..... but that is another thread.
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    my favourite is a gerber gator it keeps an edge for a really long time no matter how many bones you get through its also really easy to sharpen, hold and clean because of the rubber handle and the inside of the sheath is a protective plastic

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    Default Tim Zowada hunting knife

    Here is my favorite hunting knife which has never been hunting because I'm scared to mess it up.

    However I actually use my Zowada razors.

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