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Thread: Viking sword documentary

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    Thanks. This is the problem while communicating with text only.
    There is a high possibility of making the wrong conclusion because you're missing all sorts of context, body language, intonation etc.

    Don't be intimidated to post pictures. Nobody is perfect and I readily admit that I usually cannot finish any knife or razor without thinking that such and such could have been done better, cleaner, or more symmetrical. Looking at the work of others is always a good thing for me because seeing how other people do things makes me question my own work. I think the saying is 'stealing with your eyes' and everybody is good at different things. And no matter what you think of your skill, your polishing will be significantly better than mine.
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    In response to the OP; if you like that documentary there is a ton of stuff on youtube, Skalligrim has a bunch of stuff on historical sword design, walter sorrells has more stuff on modern knife making and Steel composition and I cant get enough of Michael cuthulu and his ridiculous builds. My two cents (probably not worth even that much) as much as I love the history of how things were made, I feel modern steels (yes even 01) are better, you can almost guarantee the carbon content consistency through the blank. I'll take 5160 over just about anything. links to the three youtubers below
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    One of my favorite sayings that is so very true is an old one that I believe is from Socrates: "The more that I learn, the more I realize that I do not know."
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    Goose hunters in Iceland apparently just found a 1000 year old Viking sword...
    Iceland goose hunt turns up 1,000-year-old sword - BBC News

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