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Thread: Hello from New York!

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    your going to be using soap that's sanitary enough. plus if you buy a shave ready razor it wont be all rusted up look in the B S T here to find something, the really important is it being shave ready so look at post counts to see how long a guy has been here then buy it and then do more research, cause if you read in our library all things are answered, like where to buy a razor. good luck Tc
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    Welcome to the right place, indeed. Here you will find blades that are truly shave ready, and in your price range. I myself check out the B/S/T area of this forum regularly just to look at the eye-candy. I have enough blades so I really temper myself from buying more. Just saw one a moment ago that was recently posted that is in your price range by one of our members.

    Enjoy your quest for your first straight. There is much to learn so be prepared for a larger than normal learning curve, but the effort is worth it.

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    If you're going to be cleaning up the neck line with a straight I have found that using a shave oil instead of soap helps you to see what your doing. I use soap for the neck, then go back with a few drops of oil along the line to trim it up. Omega sells a boar brush for about $7 last I checked. Itll shed a bit but it's a good starter brush. When i get too shaggy i recut my neck line with an electric trimmer, then tighten the line up with a straight. I've found a longer blade to be the best for this process. For the day to day shave I like a shorter blade with a smile to clean up the neck line. Definitely check out the b/s/t thread here. These are some seroius razor dudes on SRP, and as previously stated as long as you check the sellers post count, you wont get caught in a drive by sell. Best of luck with your shaves sir.
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    Welcome man! and enjoy the friendship and knoweldge that is shared around. these guys are great!
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