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Thread: Introducing me I guess

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    I am rotating my razors day 1 a known good shaver day 2 unknown razor. If the shave with the unknown razor is not as good as the known one. I try the rotation again if the unknown fails again I say it needs more work on the hones.
    I have watched a lot of videos on honing and shaving.

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    That is a good plan boz. When your unknown starts shaving better than your known good razor, reverse the roles. This way you can leap frog your way to better and better edges.
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    Welcome aboard boz & you have already got lots of good information. You set your bevel with a 1k, then use progressions to polish it more & more until it is satisfactorily nice & smooth looking. You of course want it to cut just right. You may want to experiment with some different stones or you might just stick to one. The main thing is, take your time, be patient & don't get in a hurry. Hurrying never accomplishes anything except in a lifesaving emergency. Like Dave said check out the library.
    Good luck my friend
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    Welcome, boz! Sounds like you're on the right track and have a method worked out. To your honing question: with any vintage razor that's new to me, I'll typically give it a few passes on the 1000 to make sure the bevel is set (does the blade pop hairs?) and to look for any unusual hone-wear patterns, then up through the progression (as you already seem to be doing).

    RE: Arm hair. We all learn to treat it as a precious resource, eventually +1 for getting a jeweler's loupe (we like 60x magnification).
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