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Thread: hello from wyoming

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    Welcome Joe. Meets are a lot of fun. You are lucky to live near where there are regular meets. Happy learning!
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    Welcome and lovely work on the straights.
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    Thumbs up

    If you're a knife maker then you'll fit right in here! Well done on the blades. Cheers!
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    Quote Originally Posted by caltoncutlery View Post
    thanks for the welcome fellas!!

    here are some pics.... I hope picturetrail is ok here.

    this one is of them forged, heat treated and rough ground

    this is the first with a handle, maybe the first one ever with a set of kydex scales??? it was handy and thin, so that's what I made them with anyways...

    and the last one is the one I finished today, with a one piece ipe handle

    these are all pretty rough, but I usually have to make at least a dozen of anything until they start looking and working the way I would like them to. and lots of firsts on these. I think the last one is only the 9th blade ive ever hollow ground. first time making a handle like that, first time working with ipe {got it for a custom edc knife order, so wanted to play with it}. just a ton of fun building these things. but it shaved pretty well today :}

    but the last one has a extra hollow grind, with the little taper grind leading to the heel, a point shape I like, a tapered tang, brass outer and inner washers, the blade closes in the center, and with the tapered tang it holds the blade harder when open, and the handle is sized and weighted appropriately it seems, and most important, it will shave with the sheffields and Solingen vintage ones that I have :}

    even though it will probably be a couple months before I get to it, I cant wait to see the first one I finish in 1095 and 15n20 pattern welded steel, maybe around 300 layers, with some nicely polished cocobolo scales and maybe some light jimping on the blade top and bottom right behind the heel.
    Welcome to the Forum, I think you've found a new home.
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    thanks fellas!! these things are coming along so well and so fast that I hope to light the forge and start a batch tomorrow. I found a stick of 100 layer 1095 and 15n20 random pattern that I forgot I made a couple months ago that should look great with these small blades. so will probably forge out 4 Damascus and 4 straight 1095 ones. so more of them to play with!

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    Welcome to SRP!!!

    As you've seen a lot of great folks and info here. Check out the library, you can get lost in there
    Some great work on those razors!!

    Enjoy and have fun!!
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    Hi and welcome aboard. Im guessing you found the forge section by now. Nice work. Keep the pics coming
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Those are some nice blades. I am looking forward to what you have in the future if this is how you are starting out.

    Good luck and enjoy.
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    Welcome aboard Joe. You have some nice looking razors there. It looks like you have the right idea down about geometry & such. There are a few other custom razor makers on here so be sure & check them out. Just browse everything you can. Keep up the good work & great to have you.
    Good luck my friend.
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    Welcome, Joe! Nice work on those blades. We look forward to seeing how the next batch turns out =)
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