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Thread: Total Newb

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    Default Total Newb

    I've always been interested in straight razors not just for shaving, but for the beauty and care they naturally showcase. I guess my son got tired of hearing me talk about picking one up and came across one and gave it to me as an early Christmas gift. I was doing some looking as it needs a little love and came across this forum. Hoping to learn how to get it back to usable condition or connect with those who provide such services.
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    The only stamping is the Worcester Razor Company. I've found so much great info here already that I could get lost for months trying to read it all. Thanks to all for the warm welcome and I look forward to learning as much as I can and getting this one (probably not the last) to a usable state.
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    Welcome to SRP. You’re in the right place. Post some pictures of the razor so we can get you pointed in the right direction.
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    Hi and welcome aboard. As said pics to determine condition would help. You can do light cleaning with 0000 steel wool and polish like mass or mother's but you will want to send it out for honing.

    The library has a lot of information and can answer a lot of your questions but if not feel free to ask.
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    Welcome to SRP!!!!

    As you've seen, a lot of great folks and info here. Do check the library out.
    Some clean up can be done, or some minor repairs by anyone. But we have a few top notch guys that can/will do awesome restores.
    We like pictures as said, and they help us help you.

    Enjoy and have fun!!!!
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    Welcome to the forum, you are in the right place.

    As everyone else has already said. We like pictures here, not just to help point you in the right direction, but just because we really like pictures!

    Good luck and enjoy.
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    Welcome to SRP. Where's the Pics? When we see it we can give you a good idea on what needs to be done, What you can do as a newbie and what should be done by a pro. Be sure to get close-up shots of any printing/lettering on the blade and tang. Glad to have you in the group and hope you will feel the need to shave with it when done.
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    Yes do show some detailed pictures, that at we can let you know if it's worth it to invest the time or money. We have some of the best out there on this forum to do your work. To restore you can do some light clean up yourself, but it needs to go to a pro so your edge can be honed right. Plus another tip would be to put your town n the location so that guys case to you can offer one on one help. Kansas is a big place, so narrow it down for us.

    Then read , read , read, in our library about shaving , stropping and all aspects of prep, then after you can shave start maintaining your edge, oh and did I say READ some more, it's all n our library, you won't come up with an original question, but do ask questions. Tc
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    Welcome to the Forum. We were all in your shoes at one time. It will be esay to get overloaded with info, take your time explore the libarary and watch videos. Lynn Abrams and GS Sixgun on You Tube would be my first choice.
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    Hello and welcome to SRP.
    Well, you've already learned that posting pictures of the razor would be helpful.
    An absolute must is to have it professionally honed.
    Take advantage of all the forum has to offer. Ask questions. We are all here to help.
    Good luck!

    Pete <:-}
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    Welcome to the forum.
    Laughter, Love and Shaving

    ~ Celestino ~

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