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    Default Hello from missouri

    just started shaving with a japanese straight razor... it came fairly sharp/shave ready... thought to myself... i need to hone this thing up good and sharp, i wanna pass the "hanging hair test" seems i have boogered up the thing pretty good I don't own a traditional "western" straight razor nor have I ever shaved with one... but i am looking for a good traditional razor, although i am on a budget! got bunches of questions...

    1. where can i get my kamisori honed professionally
    2. where can i learn to hone my own kamisori
    3. are japanese stones different from american stones (hones/waterstones)... meaning i saw somewhere that a 6k grit american stone might be an 8k in japan
    4. where can i find a good traditional western straight razor

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    Welcome to the forum,

    I've no experience with Kamisoris but plenty here have, I'm sure they will be along soon with their collective wisdom.

    Enjoy your stay

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