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Reflections on Pearl Harbor Day

As I mentioned in my SOTD post, today is Pearl Harbor day. I began to think about it and its modern day counterpart 9-11-01. Sadly most Americans have forgotten Pearl Harbor day and many have forgotten 9-11 (or worse yet figure we had that one coming.) I can't say whether this is the result of our environment of moral relativism and political correctness. What I do know is that if the sacrifices of the brave and noble are so easily forgotten we become a world where nothing counts for much except the here and now.

This isn't meant to be political and I'm baiting no one. I simply think it's import to realize that we all get to do whatever it is we do because we're standing on the shoulders of people who were brave enough and noble enough to give their lives for the freedom we enjoy. When we forget their sacrifices they have died in vain and in fact, we are living in vain.

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    by , 06-18-2014 at 01:07 AM (Reflections on Pearl Harbor Day)
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