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AlembiCase Product Development

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by , 10-21-2011 at 01:59 PM (1400 Views)
I have really debated in my mind about blogging about the the new products I am developing, but decided to do so.

One thing I have learned in business is to listen to your customers. They will tell you your market and offer you kaizen ideas well beyond what you can think of yourself. This is no place for an ego. Your job is to listen. Personal pleasure and satisfaction comes from developing and implementing ideas in the highest functional and quality methods - irrespective of where the ideas come from.

So with this as a foundation, I can now speak about the 3 new cases that are (much to my chagrin) still under development.

The cases are the AC-7M, the AC-7L and the AC-14.

The AC-7M is a case that many have demanded for their very wide razors that the current model cannot handle. There is virtually no limit to razor width on this case, and will hold 7 razors.

The AC-7L holds 7 razors of the same width as the current model, but has a roomy compartment under the tray for your brush, soap/cream and other travel supplies. One dear friend of mine has a rolled travel strop that the case can hold as well. This is a perfect all in one travel case.

The AC-14 holds 14 razors in a two stacked tray configuration. This is the same size shell as the AC-7L.

The delay in getting these cases to market has been two fold. The first issue has been some material selection, and the second has been one of mechanics.

The AC-7L has a tray that needs to be supported on the sides to hold the tray up and form the compartment under it to hold supplies. I am currently testing various materials to manufacture the supports from.

The second issue, mechanics, affects both the AC-7M and the AC-14 and has caused quite an issue in that the sliding blocks must be considerably taller to hold wider razors in the AC-7M and support the top tray in the AC-14. The spring tension under the taller blocks caused them to bind when slid for razor length adjustment and required a re-design. It was quite a challenge, but I have corrected the issue with a new position locking method and am now finishing up the tooling to manufacture the new mechanism.

So the next question is when will the new cases be available? My target is early December.

Now, some thoughts on developing my products. The first thought is always "what value am I bringing to the market". Is it functional? Does it look good? What is the cost vs. purpose? Can it be manufactured in the environment that I have at my disposal? Contrary to most products, in which the product is developed, a break even analysis is generated and a selling price selected, I start with a selling price in mind based on market analysis and work my way back. Every aspect of the product from material selection to manufacturing is considered and analyzed as I go. I modify along the way to ensure that I can sell my product at the target I had in mind and still be profitable. I am not defending my method, I am just saying that is how I do it.

One more thing to add. I have been overwhelmed by the kind and generous reviews and comments all of my customers have sent me and posted. I am humbled by them and at the same time inspired to push forward and continue dreaming and developing. My sincerest heartfelt thanks to all of you.

David (aka Alembic)
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  1. pcg's Avatar
    I like the thoughtful digressions, and explanations about procedure and pricing. Good luck. And I suspect many of us will be hanging until you begin to show off these new cases.
  2. Omega1975's Avatar
    I got my first case from you about a week ago and I have to say its great the fact that it is kept at a reasonable price point is a huge factor but more importantly the quality of the case itself is top notch. at some point , if I may suggest, you should offer the option of personalization. Just a thought . Im looking forward to more products from Alembic.