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JimR--Eastern Smooth and Kanayama Strops

Vending for Fun and....Well, Just Fun.

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by , 08-07-2011 at 11:34 AM (3084 Views)
I have this little marker next to my name here that says "Vendor." That means I regularly sell things related to shaving, to people who read this (and many other) forum(s). Mostly strops, but also razors.

Now, it may be hard to believe (especially for those buying the products) but I don't really do it for money. I have a good-paying job, and so does my wife--between us, we're comfortable enough. The profit is for Kanayama, anyway; it's their sole source of income, these days. No, I do it because the things I have found that I loved were also loved by so many others, I thought it'd be fun to share. I also do it because if I didn't, there's a good chance there would be no more Kanayama strops. And finally, I do it because it's really fun to have all these awesome things go through my hands.

And this got really, really fun for me a couple of weeks ago, when Kanayama called me to say he had dug up a bunch more razors to sell.

My fee for selling Kanayama's razors, my only fee, is I get first choice of them. That means I get to keep the ones I want, at a discount. It also means I get to argue with the wife about how many razors I need...but anyway. When he told me that there were some really nice razors in there, I got pretty darned excited.

And man, was he ever right. Some of these are mine, some will be for sale soon. But man, I just had to share because that's what this is all about, innit?


This is a hand forged wedged, with hammer marks still on the tang. It's marked "Fuji" and that's all I know. Except it's gorgeous. And it's mine.


And the ever elusive "Folding Kamisori." I never thought I'd actually hold one, but now there's a whole box of them in my den...


These Solingen Inox razors are slightly mysterious--marked with "Peter Hahn" and "Meister Weiss," I can't figure out the maker. But the box sure is purty.


NOS Pumas! Two varieties! These are every bit as exciting as the folding kamisori, if not more-so. They have these little explanation booklets and even have registered product numbers on the box (I've contacted Puma to see if they might have records about them...fingers crossed!) and...yeah, so exciting.

And this is only a taste...there were more than 30 different types of razors in the box Kanayama sent me, and more at his house...and I get to handle all of them!

So keep an eye on my page: [URL=""]NOS Razors from Japan[/URL] and on [URL=""]Kanayama Strops[/URL] to see when you might be able to get your hands on some.
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