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Gerbruder Krusius.

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by , 04-28-2012 at 09:23 PM (854 Views)
Primrose trademark was used by Gebrüder Krusius (Krusius Brothers) company. The company was founded in 1856, in Solingen. In about 1889, Ewald Krusius and some other members of the family opened an import agency in New York City at 321 Broadway.
In 1894, they moved to 373 Broadway, and by 1906 were at 296 Broadway. They remained at that address until after 1916.
Hulda Krusius joined the import firm, and after the death of Ewald, the firm was moved to 11 First Street, Weehawken, New Jersey. In 1927, the import agency consisted of Hulda and Henry Krusius. The Solingen plant was operated 1913 to 1938 by Erwin Krusius.
They went out of business in 1983.

Primrose trademark was registered in about 1910.
So. Most likely, the razor was made in Solingen 1910-1938.

And here, there is an ad with very similar razor:

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History of razors manufacturers.