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Old stropping technique

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by , 01-04-2012 at 09:00 AM (24483 Views)
Some of us have seen this one before. Old timey barbers used this drill to teach the delicate art of stropping. Give it a try.....

Get a 2 inch bull clip at the office supply store and attach a 2 inch by 20 inch piece of newspaper. If the paper tears, use two strips of newspaper. Three or more strips is cheating but try to do it with one strip of newspaper. Tie it to a nail, hook or a doorknob and strop a sharp razor without cutting or tearing the paper. Then strop a freshly honed razor on leather with the same delicate pressure as you did on the newspaper.

It could give you a fresh perspective on stropping.


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  1. Disburden's Avatar
    Nice blog post. I think there isn't enough on stropping...very important, more so than honing.
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  2. onimaru55's Avatar
    Nice blog Jerry. I always recommend this as a learning tool for newbs.
    If you're tearing a single sheet of newspaper the 2'' clip may be affording you too much pressure. Try with a 1" clip. The paper will slip out rather than tearing if either hand is too heavy.
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  3. Walkingblues's Avatar
    Thank you!
    I've just begun the cut-throat adventure (the benefits of retirement!), and found this post very useful. Tried it, thinking "This is monkey work."...20 or 30 laps without a hitch.
    Then my mind wandered for a moment, and the newspaper was shredded. Zen and the Art of Stropping.