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  1. How I make Duck Scales 3

    by , 07-01-2014 at 04:41 AM
    This is about how close you want to be right now:
    Name:  Wonderedge Ebony (23).jpg
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Size:  32.5 KBName:  Wonderedge Ebony (24).jpg
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    Measuring up for thickness: This is GOOD!
    Name:  Wonderedge Ebony (26).jpg
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    Make sure they are pretty even on both ends:
    Name:  Wonderedge Ebony (28).jpg
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    What we have so far:
    Name:  Wonderedge Ebony (27).jpg
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    Here is a GREAT tip I came across after doing multiple scales. Cut some sandpaper in long thin strips: ...
  2. How I make Duck Scales 2

    by , 07-01-2014 at 04:34 AM
    Back to the sander:
    Name:  Wonderedge Ebony (13).jpg
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    Get them close to your final shape:

    Name:  Wonderedge Ebony (14).jpg
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Size:  32.9 KBName:  Wonderedge Ebony (15).jpg
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    The scales LOOK longer
    here but I think it is an optical illusion.
    Maybe because they are smoothed out?

    Name:  Wonderedge Ebony (16).jpg
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    Drill the pin holes:
    Name:  Wonderedge Ebony (18).jpg
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    I Tape the original scale to the top ...
  3. How I make Duck Scales 1

    by , 07-01-2014 at 04:25 AM
    How I make Duck Scales:

    Break down the razor:
    Name:  Wonderedge Ebony (1).jpg
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    Make a template of the scales.

    I use masking tape to transfer scale design onto wood:

    If you have a scanner you can scan them also. Holes show up nicely.

    NOTE: Make sure the
    scales have not SHRUNK!
    Name:  Wonderedge Ebony (3).jpg
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    Cut out a rough shape:
  4. Ford & Medley, Sheffield.

    by , 06-28-2014 at 11:55 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by manah View Post
    The Ford & Medley firm dealt in mass market table cutlery, electro-plate, and razors. It registered a silver mark in 1900 from an Arundel Street address. The owner was Albert Medley (who had been born in 1875 and lived in Meersbrook). In the Census (1901), he was enumerated as a 26-year-old cutlery manufacturer, living in Beeton Road. He was the son of Joseph (a razor blade grinder) and Emily Medley. By the end of the WWI, the firm occupied Emu Works in Eyre Street, with Albert as managing director.
  5. Shave Cave Nirvana from Men of True Genius.

    by , 06-18-2014 at 01:07 AM (Reflections on Pearl Harbor Day)
    Here at SRP, we are a diverse lot. If anything says that clearer than our choice of shave gear, it would be our individual shave caves. Many like myself are content to have just a place for our stuff and leave it at that. My gear has for years taken up most of the left side of my bathroom counter and the drawers and cabinets underneath. When the title wave of soap, aftershave and other assundries becomes too prodiguous for SWMBO's delicate sensitivities she moves some of the gear to overflow ...
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