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  1. Useful hyperlinks for new folks

    by , 06-05-2013 at 05:35 PM
    Here are links I wish I could include in everything I post...

    Local Help (a list of members who can provide face-to-face help)

    Meetups (see if there's one coming up near you, or launch one if there isn't)

    Hanging Hair Test (limits of its utility, how to calibrate your own)

    For local help and meetups, it's helpful if you fill in the location part of your profile. Include your state; sometimes we'll search the membership lists by state to send out ...
  2. roughkype's test blog entry

    by , 06-02-2013 at 04:33 AM
    Hey, I can hyperlink to my heart's content here! Just checking. Watch this space.
  3. Joseph Smith & Sons, Sheffield.

    by , 04-11-2013 at 06:48 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by manah View Post
    Joseph Smith was a razor manufacturer, who was born in about 1785. The Company of Cutlers recorded the apprenticeship of Joseph Smith to his father, Isaac Smith, a razor maker in Stannington. Joseph was granted his Freedom in 1810. He first appeared in a Sheffield directory in 1833, trading from Radford Street. By 1852, the enterprise became "& Sons" - presumably with the addition of Joseph's son John. The enterprise employed ten men and three boys. By the late 1870s, it had moved
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  4. Oxford Razor, Germania Cutlery Works, Germany.

    by , 03-31-2013 at 05:56 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by manah View Post
    Trademark "Oxford Razor" (1900-1938) was used by Germania Cutlery Works, 1896-1938.
    This company was owned by the Kastor family. Nathan Kastor was in charge of the factory.
    The factory was in Ohligs-Solingen. They made cutlery for export to the US.
    In 1938, the Nazis seized the factory.
  5. Simple buffer setup for beginners

    by , 03-18-2013 at 07:00 PM
    Here is what you want.......W1681 Buffing Assembly

    Pay attention to the middle pic...
    For your existing motor shaft get the smallest pulley you can find. You will probably need to get a slower motor ( 1750 rpm) but try what you have first.

    Hope this helps
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