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Am I really blogging about wet shaving?!?!

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by , 04-20-2012 at 10:28 PM (1435 Views)
Seriously, have I come this far in only a few months? :rofl2: Is this progress or just plain crazy. :hmmm: A couple of weeks ago I completed my leg shave entirely with straights (what, you don't use more than one at a time?!?) No DE assistance required on that shave. Yay! It was pretty funny because I forgot to bring my DE into the bath and I wasn't willing to get out and grab it. Kinda forced the issue there. LOL.

I can't wait to try that challenge again, it REALLY is difficult to not use the DE around the knee or those unmentionable areas... :ziplip:

I have been under the weather and shaving with a straight is not something to mess with if not 100% (or heavily medicated0, at least not for this newb. So for now I will dream of that next shave, hopefully a couple days from now. (A recently resurrected post regarding the ideal women's straight has challenged me to consider some of my BF's 'scary' blades... the smiling Lewis is taunting me.) :D

Happy Friday all, it's a great one! :cool: