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Hey honey... Phil Dobson is coming over after work

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by , 06-16-2012 at 03:11 AM (2768 Views)
Yesterday afternoon Mark casually mentions that Phil Dobson was stopping by after work. Really? This isn't common for us, matter of fact I haven't met Phil... Mark had him over once before for coffee. HOLY SH*T!! I was stoked! (to say the least) :rock:

Turns out Phil was passing through town en route to his next adventure and made arrangements to hone up one of his razors Joshua had purchased on Phil's last visit to Spokane. What a cool experience… it was a beautiful day, somewhere in the 70's temp wise. Phil had the great idea to hone outside on the balcony/porch. I have a feeling this will be Mark's new hone station from here on out (weather permitting of course)

Phil honed, Joshua got some one on one hone master time (who really gets the chance to hang with Phil and hone razors?) He shared a few stories and honing lessons he has learned from masters that we are lucky to even hear about. Phil is a very humble person and a pleasure to hang with.

The razor and knife collection he brought for my camera shooting pleasure… Wow! His kitchen knives are super cool and felt great to hold, I was fascinated with the left handed kitchen knife. Maybe I can get a kitchen knife (righty) for Christmas? Mark??? ;) Honestly there wasn't a knife on this table that I wouldn't be happy to own.

What a great day. :o

Link to a thread with some pics.

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