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Sharpness Tests for Beginners with a bit extra about the HHT

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by , 07-12-2011 at 01:50 PM (2245 Views)
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No blogs on the site yet, so here is one. This is just ripped off from one of my posts.

There are none. Every sharpness test out there, including the shave test, requires previous experience to create a baseline.

When It comes down to it, as a beginner you just need to buy a shave ready razor from a reputable honeristah and hope for the best.

Now for some info not in my original thread!
The HHT is one of the most controversial tests these days. Some swear that it can predict the rise and fall of nations. Others dismiss it as a mere parlor trick. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

I know you probably sharpened a pocket knife enough pop a hair or shave your arm. That is easy. You can make a razor pop hairs off a coarse stone too. Just not very enjoyable to shave with.

With all that said, once you have a few shave ready razors from reputable sources you can "calibrate" your hht. This can also be done with DE blades. Some people will find out their hair never passes HHT. For others their hair will pass hht off a spoon.

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    how does one actually form that experience baseline you mentioned in your fantastic blog?
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    Hoglahoo. You slit your wrists.