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What razor to buy, new or vintage?

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by , 12-03-2013 at 03:18 PM (2493 Views)
I personally own 2 razors that were new, one Dovo, and one Thiers Issard (TI), Both were honed by an Uberhoner.
I also own about 4 dozen vintage razors of various makes and styles which I have purchased to restore. I have restored and honed about 2 dozen myself and shave with them frequently.
I prefer vintage, here's why:
I rarely pay more than $30, and often paid half that or less.
I enjoy restoring them.
Sometimes you can get a Damn Fine Shaver that only needs honing, not restoration.
There's is a sense of history shaving with something that was used in the time of Abe Lincoln (or earlier)
I actually think the vintage blades are a better and easier shave.

This has been my experience.
My personal recommendation is to buy Vintage shave ready from a vendor here.
If later on one decides to try a different razor, you can sell it for almost what you paid for it, which is going to be much less than you would have paid for a new one.

P.S. We all shave with used razors....
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  1. rhensley's Avatar
    I agree with you. I to prefer the older razors. there's just something about holding history in your hand. I also have 4 new in the box razors that I may never use. just thought they were neat and bought them. I started back in straights last sept. and at that time I had maybe 5 razors. now it's more like 30. all are shave ready and at my age I may never need to got them honed my beard doesn't grow like it did when I was young so it's just 2-3 times a week but I do enjoy getting out the old blades and wonder who drew blood last. but if people don't buy the new ones there soon want be any old ones! so lets keep them being made. lets encourage new comers to the ritual maybe we can turn back time for just a little while.
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  2. Robbied's Avatar
    I quite like shaving with history too. Living in such a young country, the age of these razors becomes more significant. I've traced one of mine back to a local store (most of the bengalls sold here were engraved with the destination shop). I know the shop existed in the 20's and the trademark stopped in the 50's so I have a little bit of story already.
  3. DTrout's Avatar
    I've only been straight shaving for about 6 months...I've already started my collection So far with only new blades, but I'm interested to start buying and restoring vintage razors once I learn a bit more!
  4. Walterbowens's Avatar
    I agree about the vintage razors, there is some thing about thinking of who might have used it before you. Plus the craftmanship of some of the real old ones was done by hand.