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Thread: Blade magnifier

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    Quote Originally Posted by RazorCut View Post
    So Ive read so many posts about new guys starting out doing more harm than good at times on the stropping and when starting to hone. Ive asked 'santa' for my first set of hones for when im ready to start. What Im interested in also doing in advance od honing is to start by picking up a magnifier Loupe or otherwise to monitor the razor edge when i strop and later hone to hopefully minimize my errors. So the reason for my post is to find out what would be a recommended magnification strength to use. 40x 60x 80x 100x 200x? Obviously higher means more detail but id rather find that sweet spot and not have too much resolution, forcing me to excessively pan the blade. Thoughts?
    i use a 4x and a 10x loop , I can see everything

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    Spend a little more and get a decent loupe. It is annoying looking through cheap optics. The cheap lighted loupe from China will break. The switch gives out after a bit of use.

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    Use what works for you. You do not need to see SEM quality every time, for every process.

    I use loups from 20-60X, hand held scopes from 60 -100 and USB up to 400x, depending on what level of detail, I want/need to see.

    Yes, with more expensive glass, you can see more detail, clearer, but really, how clearly do you need to see a chip?

    Use what works, for you. More important that the brand on your magnification, is understanding what you are seeing.

    The better you understand the honing process, the less you need to see, the less you understand… the more you need to see.

    For new honers 60-100X will give you a good level of detail, and good ones can be purchased for under $10-15,

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