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Thread: I have a question on a stone I bought

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    Question I have a question on a stone I bought

    Hello all! This is my first post on this forum and I am brand new to straight razors. I shave with a safety razor with plans of making the switch and the time has come. I went out and bought my first razor with some equipment. One of which including a king 1000/6000 double sided stone. My question is can I use with water? It doesnt specify like my other stone does. Or is for dry use only? Thanks

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    Definitely use water. Soak it first and add as you use it. I leave mine in water all the time but then I need it at a moments notice sometimes.
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    Use with water. More important is to forget the stones right now. get the razor professionally honed and learn to shave with it first. Honeing comes way down the line.
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    Yes Those Hones Love To Drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lots Of Water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ty

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    A counter view: By all means, proceed with learning to hone. Like most, mature adults, you probably can chew gum and walk at the same time. Just do your homework. Watch as many YouTube videos as possible. Don't use your good razor, but get a Gold Dollar or cheep, viable vintage off the Bay. You'll do fine. Ain't rocket science. Only steel on stone.
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    Yup, water. The King 1/6k is a fine stone, but you will need something in the 8K range to finish on, or some paste.

    Reading the first 3 post in the Honing Forum will answer a lot of your questions.

    Post some photos of your razor, it may help in advising you.

    Look for a local mentor for some hands-on honing, it will cut your learning curve, dramatically and may save you buying some needless equipment.

    Welcome to the forum.

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    All of the above is sound advice though I don't quite agree with choosing a Gold Dollar as a practice razor for honing. Not all Gold Dollars are good. IIRC one of even a few members who hone and sell GD's posted that of every batch they buy a few have to be binned because they are no good. Just imagine you start practicing on a GD that is no good. I would recommend a vintage razor. Can be had for little money. Get a hollow ground razor, way easier than wedges to start with.
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    Get up to the beginners subforum. Member introductions.
    Repeat up there. You will be on the right track in no time?
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