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Thread: Bowls

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    Default Bowls

    Hey everyone. So I just started my straight razor experience and a coworker helped me get all set up with a beginners kit. However, it came with this cup. Nice cup, might use it for coffee, but it's too deep to get a good lather. I'm looking at different bowls and wondering if the material a bowl is made from can affect the soap or cream? Thanks in advance.

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    What is the size of your mug/cup?

    I use mugs to keep my soap in. I will load the soap onto the brush, then lather on my face. You can also build a lather in a mug or certain, wide mouthed scuttles. For a long time I used a ramekin as a lathering bowl. I think hard, waterproof surfaces will be fine for a lathering bowl, like ceramics or glass. I have even seen horn bowls.

    Here is an Old Spice mug. The soap puck is underneath the foil. It is narrow and shallow.
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    Compare the mug to the scuttle below. The scuttle is wide and has ridges on the inside of the bowl to help with lathering. Name:  IMG_2036.JPG
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    Not that I'm aware of. Are you considering some exotic material? I have a Col. Konk apothecary bowl I bought early that works great for my Tabac soap. My MWF soap came in its own ceramic bowl with lid. Later on, I picked up a Georgetown Pottery 20 oz. scuttle. I've seen ceramic, metal (stainless steel, anodized aluminum, etc.), and wooden bowls. Seems like most material in a shallow enough bowl shape works well enough without affecting the soap/cream. I've read here that if you get the water in scuttles too hot, that can break down lather.
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    It need not be expensive, I just use a little bowl I got at Big Lots. I think it's probably meant for soup, salad or sides. It was $1.00 and has worked great. I keep my pucks in 8 oz. plastic lidded jars, load the bush there and then build lather in the bowl.
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    I have used glass, wood , metal, ceramic with no real difference. The shape of the bowl means more to me than the material it's made out of; when it comes to whipping lather..

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    Here's what I use.
    It's a marble bowl that's part of a mortar and pestle set that I picked up at Home Goods for about six or seven bucks. It has small ridges in the bottom that really help with lathering. I find it to be the perfect size to be hand held. I have two others that I use for soap bowls as well.

    Pete <:-}
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    This sis the bowl that I use if I am bowl lathering. It also doubles as to where I soak my brush. Most so the time I soak my brush in it and then load my brush and face lather.
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    This is the little bowls that my soaps hang out in, except for the ones that come in plastic tubs. They are cheap, have a lid and are deep enough to contain my brush loading mess. I tend to get a little sloppy with the soap.
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    Welcome to SRP!!

    There are a ton of different things you can use, as you've seen. It's more a personal choioce what you like, since you'll be using it everyday.
    Good luck finding one that fits you
    Enjoy and have fun!
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    I don't have a picture, but I use both an Old Spice mug with ridges inside and a ceramic bowl that has a slightly rough surface and ridges. The bowl is awesome--just a couple of swirls and lather poofs up like magic!

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    When I bowl lather (not often) I use a Captain Choice Bowl. Has the ridges to help make lather and the lip is curved in at the top to help keep the lather in the bowl while building lather. I read once of a guy using those little bowls that you get salsa in at Mexican restaurants. He had cut ridges in it and said it worked well.

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