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Thread: New old Scutle

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    I think they were made to use soap pucks with rounded bottoms. Some of the English soap pucks still come that way. You can grate a normal puck, using a cheese grater, and compact it into the bowl or get a soft soap and mold it into the bowl. You don't make the lather on the puck but simply load a fairly dry brush with a pasty soap and face lather to produce the lather you want. Yes, they can be a bit messy but at least yours seems to have a place to rest your brush molded into the handle.

    After listening to someone talk ever wonder who ties their shoe laces?

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    Well-said, Bob! No matter what you do, you should face lather anyway?
    I have one with the prerequisite Cella. Fun to use from time to time.

    If you fill the bottom with hot and let it sit a while, it softens your chip up.
    They actually work quite well.

    We are used to a hot tap, but they had only the hot water in the scuttle.
    The brush had to be dipped there!
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