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    Default I think this is the best scuttle...seriously...

    I finished my search for the perfect scuttle long ago but never got around to posting anything about it...until now...

    I tried everything from pots - pans - steel - ceramic- glass -mugs - dishes - serving bowls and buckets... anything that would resemble a scuttle...the only requirement was HOT lather...not warm, not hot only for 5 mins and then rushing the shave...I wanted hot the entire time - whether a fast or long shave - just hot - like steaming hot...and the second most important part is that it looks as modern as possible and that its not just two plastic pots stuck has to have some design to it...

    The georgetown scuttle is great. Looks great - I had mine painted black - looks great - makes nice lather but warm and only warm lather for maybe 10 mins...for me, its not good enough...

    Normally, you have to warm the scuttle up and let the brush soak for the time of the shower - maybe its losing heat then - so then you have to soak then refill with hot water...I had different variations...until now...

    Now the setup is perfect - I have a nice black electrical kettle in the bathroom for the boiling water...fill the scuttle before the shower and have HOT lather for a solid 20 mins..maybe longer but I never need longer than that to find out....

    I found both pieces in the pottery section of a home depot type store. Just searched until I found two nice pieces that looked good and would fit well enough so that the upper bowl would be able to sit in enough hot water to really heat up - and so that the bottom would also be large enough to store a lot of water - The bottom bowl has a larger more spread out shape so it works great. I actually used a sharpie and marked the inside bowl so that its easy to see how much water to pour in so none spills out...the perfect amount of water...

    With this degree of heat, the one thing you must do is use a lot of cream which I dont mind - because a lot will evaporate out ...

    I love the set up so much and was paranoid I might break it I bought another set just in case...

    I hope this helps those who are looking for the perfect took me a long time but like with many things in life - if it was too easy to find it wouldnt be as appreciated...

    Hope this helps.
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    That look really cool, Ah - I mean hot. I end up shaving with luke warm lather at best, but hot lather now that would be a treat.

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    Thanks for saving me $45. Your setup is hot Mark

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    I usually don't use real hot or warm lather, I soak my brush for a few seconds in hot water and lather it up. Doesn't make a big difference to me if its hot.

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    how can you not like warm to hot lather?? btw that is a awesome set up you made yourself there mark

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