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    Default "Lather bowl" collectors?

    How do you know when your shaving gear collecting is getting out of hand? When you start collecting lather bowls, that's how.

    Here are three new ones I picked up today.

    A stoneware one with a neat little thumb handle and a cool lava looking glaze on the inside.

    A depression era uranium glass one.

    And a hand made antique Japanese clay bowl.

    Obviously none of these was made with shaving in mind but they are all about the perfect size and shape for the job. Anybody else got a bowl collection forming?

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    i havn't gotten to the point of starting a huge collection.. but i nicked a japanese rice bowl from a friend and purchased a matching sake shot glass to soak my brush... i can stand the wee scot on it's bristles and the handle stays dry.. they aren't the same finish.. but look good together..

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    Default "Lather Bowl" Collectors?

    Hello, Legion:

    I am not a collector of anything. If I were, I would collect whatever that pleased me.

    I like those lather bowls.


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