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Thread: Scotch

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    Default Scotch

    How much would you be willing to pay for a bottle of single malt scotch? Or what is the most that you have paid?

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    I have paid up to a hundred dollars back years ago, before I put the plug in the jug, one day at a time. TBH I found that I really did prefer the cheap stuff.
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    well i have tried some very expensive Malts and can say i appricate the 50 to 100 euro bottles more.

    Royal Brackla 36 Years. would be the most expensive i paid for.. think it was around 380 euro. was i happy? NO, feelt stupid

    i have also tried a few other very expensive Malts from a friend that collects them. its hard to get impressed with taste when you think of the cost.

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    Scotch, bourbon, wine - these can all be luxury items. But the greatest pleasure goes to the person who can tell the difference between the grades of each of them. Having that level of knowledge also ensures that they hit the sweet spot between price and quality. There is a relationship between them but its not as direct as one might suspect. That being said, I don't go above $100 for a bottle. But my figure represents my where I am financially. And most of the time, I'm between $50 and $100....usually right about the middle of those two numbers. If I drank a lot of scotch, I'd want to go lower. If I were filthy rich, I'd be willing to go higher. But I can get my 12 or 16 yr old Aberlour with that budget.

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