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Thread: Pulled Pork, Shredded Beef, and other slow cook recipes.

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    Default Pulled Pork, Shredded Beef, and other slow cook recipes.

    Well, my wife and I like cooking, we have a large family, and it is not unusual to have 40 people over for a meal and a get together.
    Pulled pork is one thing we had never tried, only heard about, so we found an easy recipe, and cooked it in our slow cooker. It got the big thumbs up and everybody loved it.

    Here it is

    3-4 onions, halved, place at the bottom
    5 lb of your favourite cut of pork, seasoned with salt and pepper, place on top of onions
    Add 2 cans of coca cola
    Add 4 tablespoons of brown sugar
    Add 1/2 jar of Jalapeno peppers
    Pour 1 can of chopped tomatoes on top
    Cook 8 hours, or until meat is falling apart
    Remove and shred meat, then add back to juices

    Absolutely delicious on steamed rice, or in fresh buns. The coca cola seemed odd, to me anyway, but all the different flavours blend nicely.
    Keen to try some different recipes, anyone got any old family favourites?
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    Yeppers I just picked up some Baby Back ribs yesterday to try out a Slowcooker recipe using Dr Pepper..

    20 oz Dr. Pepper maybe more maybe less
    2-4 lbs of baby back ribs
    1-2 cups of BBQ sauce (Sweet Baby Rays is a go to)
    salt, pepper, chili powder

    Create a rub with equal parts of the salt, pepper and chili powder. about 1/2 tsp of each. Rub it on the meat.
    Place ribs in a crock pot make them into a semi circle inside the pot
    Add Dr. Pepper to 3/4 way up ribs
    Cook on low for 7 hours.
    Drain the Dr. Pepper leaving ribs still in the crock pot.
    Brush sauce mixture over ribs and cook for another 30-45 minutes on high
    Remove carefully from pot as the Ribs will fall apart

    Variation - can cut ribs into small 2-3 bone sections

    (I have not tried it yet so I might have to adjust it)

    Tried the Pulled Pork Shoulder recipe a couple of years back and have been using it ever since
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    Down here in Memphis that's our specialty ,, pulled pork and ribs,, my wife really likes the ribs I do. I use a rub from the Rendevous and some garlic butter, grill the ribs on grill for 20-25 minutes then take to your oven ,, line a deep pan with foil , put ribs in meat side down , add coke ,or dr pepper about 1/2" deep in bottom, then bbq sauce of choice , add pure honey, a little butter and then some pepper and salt, wrap up tight put in oven at 325 for 3 hours , take out let sit for a half hour , then try to get the ribs out in one piece !!! ,, now for a pulled pork
    Get you a whole pork shoulder, next some tony chacheris injection butter and garlic, then rub some spices to your taste , we use salt ,paprika, cayenne pepper lemon pepper, and some garlic powder,, Get your smoker going and maintain a 225-240 degree temp, put in smoker with the fat side up so the juice runs thru the meat for around 10 hours ,, then turn over and smoke for another 4 hours ,, then take it out and wrap with foil and smoke it another 3 hours. Use what wood you like best ,, we use apple and mesquite. A good. Shoulder will take at least 16- 20 hours and will fall apart, then pull it apart and chop it up , some bbq sauce and walla. Best pork sandwiches around and of course if you like it memphis style you have to put sweet cole slaw on the sand which. Sorry for the long post but this subject is a passion for us. I've even been on a bbq team for the bbq championship here in memphis. Tc. Try it it's great
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    I'll offer my humble approach as well:

    On a searing hot pan, brown the meat quickly to start the maillard reaction.
    Dry rub the meat (which ever you prefer, I often go with brown sugar, salt, black pepper, smoked paprika, mustard, onion powder, a touch of cayenne and some thyme)
    Vacuum the meat and cook sous vide at 84C/183F for 20 hours. Let cool in bag for 1 h, then remove from bag. Keep the juices from the bag. Move to smoker for 1.5-2 hours. Let cool a little, tear apart and add the juices from the sous vide bag along with a touch of brown sugar and a dollop of bbq sauce of your choice.

    I vacuum pack what I don't eat in 1lb pacs and stick in the freezer, yummy stuff to dig out for an impromptu bbq feast. I reheat it in the sous vide cooker, moist as when it was made.
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    Boeuf Bourguignon could be categorized as slow cook, right?

    I only have my aunt's recipe in Swedish that I'm not going to start translating this late in the evening but any cookbook worth its salt should have a recipe for it.
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    First build one of these.
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    Buy a few cases of pork butts and brisket. I use a simple rub with 4 ingredients. The rub will give a nice outer bark, but the smoke is what will flavor the meat. I liked fruit woods for pork and a stronger wood for brisket (hickory or red oak). Have beers on hand, because you will be up for the next 16 hours cooking at 225. No foil, pans or stuff. Q was brought to US by slaves on the Carolina barrier islands. Pretty sure they did not have foil.

    This also were the term high on the hog comes from. The plantation owners got the meat on the top of the hog and the slaves got what was left. They cooked low and slow to make the meat favorable and tender. This was normally cooked in a below ground pit.

    Best part is kicking back with beers and enjoying the peace of the night
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