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Thread: Rum of the Day

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    More of a whisky man myself, however, one of my brothers loves rum. So I always make sure that I have a bottle waiting for him when he visits. This is one of his favourites....Name:  IMAG1424.jpg
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    I have always preferred sweet and/or sour flavors to dry or bitter. So I started out on screwdrivers. I'm surprised it took me so long to come around to the Rum side. I mean, it's usually made from sugarcane, for crying out loud!

    Enough rambling.
    Note: I'm a lightweight. And not having children with thumbs (our Sheltie is our fur-baby), I keep the usual suspects in the fridge.

    I'm a sucker for cherry flavors.
    Cruzan: Black Cherry over about 3 ice cubes, mixed half and half with cherry Pepsi in a tall glass. That's for when I'm drinking more for the flavor than the effect.
    Captain Morgan: Black over about 5 ice cubes until the glass is about 40-45% full, add cherry Pepsi and maybe some grenadine to bring the cherry taste to the front of the line . That's for when I'm at home getting my buzz on. Like when I have to stay up to reset my sleep for a change in my work schedule; usually spent running a muck on Battlefield.

    Captain Black has a lovely cherry note to it, even my dull sense of smell picks it up on the cap cork. At 94.6 proof and about $20, it is a decent value for a lightweight like myself.

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    Stuff you can't get in the US? 7 Year Old Havana Club from the Evil Mini-Empire.
    Stuff you can get.....for now? 15 Year Old Barbancourt from Haiti.
    Pampero Aniversario from St. Hugo's Workers Paradise aka Venezuela is good too.

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