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Thread: Single malt scotch under 100

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    I have tried a few but seem to like The Glenlevit the best .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razorfaust View Post
    Oh and to the OP or anyone for that matter, If you have time to burn and want to learn about whiskey, flavors history and tasting all things distilled. Check out this guy
    I find him quite entertaining and you may learn a bunch. Enjoy responsibly
    A BIG +1 to the advice to check out Ralfy. He is very well informed, funny, independent (many reviewers and review sites are tied in some way to a particular distillery - Ralfy isn't) and really not pretentious. All good signs in my book.

    Also, for anyone venturing into the wonderful world of whisky, Charlie Maclean has some great info too. I especially like some of his vids in this series because he doesn't tell people how to enjoy their whisky, but rather informs as to how the different approaches will affect the experience. Also, they are quick vids. Full disclosure: he's a friend of a friend, and by all accounts a terrific guy.
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    Though as of Feb. 6, 2013 I no longer truck with Old John Barleycorn, when I did, It was good single malt scotch whisky. Lots of it. All the time.

    My tastes ran to Islays. When I had the extra cash, it was Lagavulin 16. Whisky critic Michael Jackson (no, not that Michael Jackson) rated Lag16 a 96 of 100 points. The only other whisky he had ever rated as highly was one vintage of Macallan 18.

    When money was short, it was Laphroaig 10, which was for me a very, very close second to Lag16. I once described the favor of Lap10 to an inquirer as "like a Band-Aid caught fire and was extinguished with Listerine" (those of you initiated: Think about it, it makes perfect sense); this is actually a good flavor. In whisky anyway.

    Get the Lagavulin 16. If you're shy of a little peat, Dalwhinnie or Balvenie Double Wood and Macallan 12 are all good, simple, smooth whiskys.

    But get the Lagavulin 16.
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    I was going to say that if you don't want smoky and are used to good bourbon, Dalwhinnie is a good "point of entry"
    Quote Originally Posted by Cangooner View Post
    Some great suggestions here. If you like the smoky/peaty greatness of an Islay malt, you can't go wrong with Lagavulin or Laphroaig. If you want something sweeter and a bit fruitier, then you'll probably like anything from Aberlour (especially A'Bunadh). If you want it really smooth, Dalwhinnie will do the trick. And for overall balance, Highland Park.

    Really, any of the ones mentioned here will be fantastic. As would some of the others that tend to get a bit less attention such as Jura, Caol Ila.

    This is an excellent justification to spend some time at a whisky bar doing some sampling.

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