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Thread: The "Perfect" Red Beans and Rice

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    Cool The "Perfect" Red Beans and Rice

    It is sometimes said that a good Red Beans and Rice does not have an actual recipe

    I have a rough one that I follow,, and I am trying to get a perfect batch down...

    The Beans, there is actually debates over which is correct, Kidney Beans or Small Red Beans, personally I haven't noted much difference, but I am going with 2 lbs of Small Red Beans which sets up the amounts for everything else..
    To be honest some people say they are the exact same bean, but I can see a difference

    2 lbs of beans

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    2 large Yellow Onions, finely chopped
    2 Large Green Peppers, finely chopped
    8 Stalks of Celery finely chopped

    Sometimes called the "holy trinity"

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    1lb of Andoullie sausage cubed
    1lb of "Smokies" sausage "these are local" cubed
    2 Smoked Ham Hocks

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    3 Garlic cloves planed
    2 Bay Leaves

    Chopped Green onion for topping

    Spices used:

    Cracked Black Pepper
    Cracked Salt
    Penzey's: Paprika, Cajun, and Roasted Garlic

    I always play it safe and soak the Beans over night in Chicken Broth, then bring to a hard boil for 15 minutes before I add the rest of the ingredients to the pot... (Red Beans have to be boiled to be safe) Remember to skim off the top of the liquid as it comes to a boil..

    I saute' everything first and add to the pot, once it is all built I let the whole mixture come to a boil, then lower the heat and let it all cook down over the next 4-5 hours..

    Once the beans get really soft I stir often and try to smash about 1/2 the beans against the side of the pot as I stir.. this thickens the mix

    Cooking time can be judged by the Ham Hocks, once the meat falls off the bones you should be ready to serve it up..

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    I like doing steamed Sushi Rice, and use a 6-8 oz Rameken to make a sticky mound in the center of a shallow bowl first, then ladle in the Red Beans around that mound of rice...

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    Sprinkle the top with the Green Onions, and serve with either Sweet Cornbread or Buttermilk Biscuits

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    Enjoy !!!

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    Very nice. My go to is black beans and rice...I'll try this to shake things up a bit. Thanks!
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    Perfect non-kosher dish for this guy.
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    Yup, love beans, red, black pinto and white (Peruvian) beans.

    And yea, soaking overnight speeds cooking and some say eliminates the gas and cook with Chicken stock, yea.

    Try the Peruvian beans, White beans that look just like Pinto beans but without the brown dots, a creamy buttery bean, very good by them self or over rice.
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    Gonna try it G-Man....looks good . Never had it and always heard about it. Just might have to sleep on the couch for a couple nights ..........but I bet it's worth it !
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    Winter coming here. Gonna steal some of this recipe.
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    Great batch you got there. Longtime fan here.

    In addition I like to add pickle pork and Tasso to the mix. Ladled over popcorn rice with French bread side and premium beer.

    I also do a buttermilk skillet cornbread sometimes. Pecan pralines for a sweet finish.
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    Sounds (and looks) great Glen. I use chipotle in mine as well for a touch of smoky chilli flavour. I like that advice about smashing some of the beans up, that would add a nice bit of thickening.
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    Your missing some Tony,s or f you want a little more use "Slap your Mama,s". Looks great. Tc
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    That sounds wonderful and your addition of Andoullie sausage puts this over the top. I'll be making this soon.
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