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Thread: Favorite Holiday Drinks

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    In venice we were drinking lager and rose wine. In Florence plebty of red wine with the meat.

    We tried an Italian deink called apperol. We were not keen. All the Italians I know think it's awesome. I don't get it.

    If I'm somewhere hit. I drink lager over beer as it's light and fresh. Here in Scotland.. Beer abd whisky.


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    I'm really not much of a drinker. Only on special occasions, so this thread works for me. Years ago it was Scotch. Now, it's usually a "Boilermaker" with Kentucky Bourbon and Beer. Always Wild Turkey for the Bourbon and usually a German import like Spaten or similar for the chaser. One per holiday - two if it's a very long holiday.....

    In Hawaii, the big thing is the stereotypical Mai Tai. I will do a Mai Tai or Blue Hawaiian if it is a holiday and I am at "Blue Note Hawaii" (our new Jazz Night Club in Waikiki) or at the most awesome Tiki Bar on the islands, "La Mariana Sailing Club" right next to the Honolulu International Airport. If you ever get to Hawaii, do yourself a favor and give yourself a few extra hours before your flight ot stop off at his very authentic Tiki Bar right out of the 1950s. And their food and drinks are excellent.

    La Mariana Sailing Club | Oahu's Private Marina and Original Tiki Bar


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