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Thread: what do you drink?

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    I like my Brandies & Cognacs. Preferably of the XO variants , though the VS and VSOP are OK with Sprite or Ginger-ale.
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    Going out I keep it simple, there aren't too many bars using fresh ingredients:

    Dry Gin Martini
    Single Malt Scotch neat (several distillers)
    Bourbon neat (Buffalo Trace, Blanton, Woodford)
    Craft Beer

    At home, plenty of tools, fresh fruits, and a good bar:

    Everything above of course, and
    Blood Mary with brunch (rolled in a Boston tumbler, juice from local tomatoes in season, celery, usual seasonings)
    Old Fashion (fresh orange and local cherry, simple syrup, makers mark)
    Gin & Tonic (fresh citrus, Jack Ruby tonic syrup, carbonated water, Bombay Blue Sapphire)
    Around Xmas a few Rusty Nails (but not with good scotch!)
    Frozen Margarita (fresh orange, lemon, lime, tequila, Cointreau -- the ladies love these and it gives the vitamix a work out)
    Cosmopolitan (flamed orange peel for show -- again the ladies love these)
    Craft Beers (lived in Germany for two years I'm always up for really good beer)
    Wine with a good meal

    If I have guest with a request, I'll work up the drink a few days before they visit to get it right.

    A gentleman needs to have a good bar. It doesn't have to be huge, but good quality and some standards.

    I make a killer Martini. I've even had people who say they don't like Gin drink one and ask for another.

    And if it is just too damn hot on the porch? Fresh squeezed lemonade, iced tea, crushed ice, vodka.
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