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Thread: can you fry an egg in cast iron

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    Default Green eggs and Zen

    Quote Originally Posted by hgrail View Post
    Not sure I could wait 10 mins to start cooking (did I mention I'm impatient).

    I throw the pan on the stove first thing. Then while I prep the rest it is heating up. (get bread/butter/jam out, set the table, rinse/recycle beer bottles, wash/dry Bourbon glass (making sure to remove all water spots) take B Vitamin and Aspirin (from drinking too much Bourbon and Beer the night before).

    For the best non-stick I think it is important that the pan is not too hot to start. Plus, gently cooking the egg creates a more tender egg white, not the hard rubber usually achieved from high heat. IMHO

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    I cook in cast iron all the time with Pam, butter or oil. Trick is, once seasoned, a pan should never see soap or abrasives. Seasoning means scouring clean, wiping heavy with oil and leaving it in the oven under 300* for a few hours. Wipe - cook.

    If anything every grunges on you probably were cooking too hot, but it happens with some foods. Clean a cool pan with water, coarse salt and a soft brush. If that doesn't work, put water in the pan and leave it over a low burner for a few minutes, then rinse, salt and brush again. Re-oil (not re-season), wipe. Good to go.

    Best way to keep a pan seasoned (for everything else) is make skillet cornbread every once in a while. Lots of butter, oil and and a half an hour in the oven. Fantastic. Skillet Corn Bread: 2000s Recipes + Menus :
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    a little habeneros-infused olive oil should fix you right up.
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    I like to use coconut oil for eggs. Great for higher smoke points when frying, Just like Olive oil or lard.

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    Honestly have not read every post here but I learned to cook in iron. Eggs are best after frying bacon or sausage. Let cool to a temperature suitable for cooking eggs in 3 minutes or so. This takes practice :<0) With plenty of bacon grease in the pan the egg never really sits on the bottom AND the eggs cook on top as well as the bottom at the same time. Drain off the grease to use for future meals and store in the fridge. Wash pan with very little soap and dry on high heat over the fire. I have used this method many times and even in the A.M. on trail. Saddle up and head into the sun with a full belly :<0) On trail sand and/or water is best for cleaning.
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