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    Default Zin's

    Anyone got any good recommendations for a nice red Zin that won't break the bank.

    I recently tried Rombauer 2010 and it was around $20 something for the bottle and it was really nice.

    I have had some of the Cline wines and they were good too.

    Thought it would be nice to try some others so hoping you guys will lead me in the right direction.


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    Wow, I'm surprised no one has responded as of yet. Lynn I don't consider myself to be a wine connoisseur, however Retzlaff Vineyard in Livermore, CA has some very nice wines. I tend to favor their cabernet sauvignon, but I do remember tasting the zin, very nice from what I recall but that was about eight years ago. I imagine it might be hard to find in your neck of the woods locally, you may half to check out their website and order directly if your're interested.

    Retzlaff Vineyards Winery

    Hope this helps and "Cheers"

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