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Thread: Nivea and Nivea Overnight Cream

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    Default Nivea and Nivea Overnight Cream

    Decided to try my wife's Nivea Cream after a shave and all I can say is, "Wow!!!".

    My Esbjerg Aftershave Oil is superb, but is expensive, and then there's the shipping charge on top.

    So after trying it the once, I've been using it steadily and my wife brought home, on sale for $5.00 Cdn, a small container of the Nivea Overnight, a much thicker cream.

    I've been using that, and my skin has been unbelievably moist, hydrated and refreshed. My skin get's dry easily, and aftershaves and the alcohol dries your skin further. Either one of these is a fantastic aftershave product and for the price, worth a try IMO.

    Just thought I'd toss this out there, I know BobH is a big fan, and now I know why.....

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    I used to use their Extra Sensitive Aftershave (something like that), and I really liked it. I think their stuff performs well above the price point.
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    Have you ever tried the Nivea Sensitive aftershave balm, Phrank? I wonder how it compares to the overnight stuff.

    I often use the aftershave balm on days when I haven't shaved to hydrate dry skin.
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    I do like Nivea after shave balm when I royally mess up my shave. It works as well as any I have tried, is available locally and is inexpensive. I also like Nivea shave cream for the same reasons. I generally don't use skin creams having naturally oily skin but don't see why Nivea skin cream won't perform as well as the other products of theirs that I have tried.

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    I have some Nivea Men Creme that I use as an overnight. After I shave I always use Trumper's Skin Food. Since I have started using these two products my skin has improved by a measured amount.
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    always keep a bottle of nivea ,, is my favorite, its the trick if you get a little aggressive and need to cool down the burn Tc
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    I picked up a bottle of the Nivea Men's "Sensitive" Post Shave Balm at the local Kroger a while back. It was what they had, and I wanted to try a post shave balm of some flavor.

    Cools and moisturizes. Leaves my skin in great shape.

    I use it after every shave before I splash on the aftershave.

    It's great stuff.

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    It's Phrank

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