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Thread: How to keep the razor from rusting?

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    The bottom line is you should put on a coating of something that will create a barrier between water and the blade. If you have a wooden cutting board, you probably have something or will need something to put on that (mineral oil or mixture with a wax...etc.)...use that. The less saturated vegetable oils will eventually turn rancid because they oxidize quicker, so if you're using the oil for everyday use, no problem because it's not staying on months. Unless you have wooden scales that aren't finished then they'll soak them up and eventually smell.

    I use a mixture of mineral oil and coconut oil because that's what I have and coconut oil takes a long time to go rancid. I make apply mine with a cloth that I oil up like a wood finishing tack cloth. I put a couple drops of mineral oil and some coconut oil (because I cook with it, its very saturated and won't go rancid for a long time, and smells great) on a microfiber towel and put it in a bag for a week or so until the whole cloth is covered in the oil. You won't feel the oil in the cloth, but as soon as you wipe your blade you'll notice the thinnest coat of oil. That's all you need. I've been doing this with all my woodworking tools, knives and gear that I take outdoors with no issues. Hope this helps.
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    Baby oil will work fine it is almost pure mineral oil (and since it is safe enough for a baby it certainly is safe enough for an adult who can grow a beard) A small amount on micro-fiber and coat the WHOLE blade, clse it open it again and coat by wiping it again. As for removing rust try some 600 grit wet dry sand paper GENTLY with honing oil . then move up to 1000 then if you want mirror up to 25000 grit then mothers. and finish with soft tissue paper.

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