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Thread: baby shampoo as pre shave

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    Default baby shampoo as pre shave

    I have used shaving soap under a hot towel with some success the hotter the water the closer the shave,but no good to me far too uncomfortable warm/hot ok.
    ,i then used glycerin soap and found it very irritating again under a hot/warm towel,and concluded the Glycerin soap was stripping the skin of natural oils. So why
    not baby shampoo designed to be kind and not strip the skin of oils,but does it work and why.
    Well it works a treat,and conclude its hydrating properties that is all thats needed under the the warm/hot bar towel,and held for 60 slow seconds counting,anyhow it works
    for me and i am staying with it,the baby shampoo was Aldis but i expect any brand would do.
    Anybody had a similar experience.
    I wet my face,apply a small amount of baby shampoo then carry out my 60 strops and then apply the hot/warm bar towel for the 60 slow seconds ,and then normal shave routine.

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    If the baby soap starts to irritate or dry your skin then give Noxema a try.

    Noxema is an excellent beard softener and moisturizer.
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    I have not tried baby shampoo as a preshave step to hydrate my face and whiskers. What I learned here was first a warm towel, then apply shave creme and let it stay on my face while I strop my razor. Then I wipe off the shaving creme with a hot towel, rub water on my face, re apply shaving creme and commence to shave.
    This has worked very well for me. The real point to all of this is to show the varied ways each of us take to achieve
    the elusive bbs result proclaimed by our ancestors.
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    I'm sure your baby shampoo method works fine. As I am sure many other pre shave or prep methods work fine. Key point is to do something that facilitates water swelling the hair shafts on your face. Most soaps make your hair shaft more receptive to absorbing water usually by removing protective sebum or your natural oil. The shaft swells and cuticle expands and the hair will be easier to cut. Myself I just lather before i get in a steamy shower and by the time i get out my face is good and prepped lather again shave rinse repeat. Its all good i am happy you found something you like and works well.
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    Thanks for the Noxema advice rolodave... tried that today. Loaded my neck and top of cheeks, (I shave around a beard) got in the shower, then re-applied Noxema, then shave cream... I really liked it

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    adductum, have you tried a cold or lukewarm water shave at any point in your learning curve? I started with hot and ended with much irritation. Reading about other's shaving routines had me trying the cold water approach. As good, and sometimes better, shave and a heck of a lot less (almost none) irritation. As it stands now, cold in the warm weather and lukewarm in the cold weather is SOP with pleasing results.
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    Have not use Baby Shampoo, but have use Noxema. Been using Trader Joes Honey Mango Shave cream as a pre-shave. A dime size dollop rubbed in on a wet face, while getting your gear and stropping a razor.

    It is super slick and not a strong sent so can be lathered over with your regular cream.

    A large tube cost about 6 bucks and last months.

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    I have used hair conditioner with good results
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