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Thread: Skin has turned hypersensitive. Suggestions?

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    I agree about switching to a 48 hr. shave cycle. That's what I do as I find my shaves with straights are a little bit better that way. Another thing that could be causing irritation is the brush as well as face-lathering. I would switch to a brush with soft tips (silvertip or synthetic) if face-lathering, or try bowl-lathering with other brushes for a spell, painting on the lather, to see if that helps.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions guys!
    I actually have been stressed lately. Not sure if that makes a difference, but I try not to put on too much pressure.

    Anyway, I think I may have found a solution: I found out that Nivea Sensitive Post-shave Balm has witch hazel in it, so I gave it a try.
    I moistened my stubble, rubbed in some of the Nivea stuff and a little oil, and then applied lather carefully on top (painting with the brush rather than rubbing it in). I noticed no irritation during the shave, which was a good sign. Afterwards I rinsed, applied Trumper's Skin Food, more Nivea balm, and a tiny bit aftershave. There's hardly any irritation; only one reddish spot that was still there from the previous shave. This is also my smoothest shave in several weeks, because the skin didn't get irritated and uneven.
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    As I grew older and out of the military I decided to shave less sometimes grows beards and having 2-3 rest of my face. I have tried cold water shaves not for my face and skin, warm to hot water exfoliate skin with scrub pad at least warm cream sometimes I will use gel, with my four directional whiskers I need at least 3 passes one will be ATG.

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    If you are using an aggressive razor, switch to a milder one.
    I have a friend who was allergic to nearly every shaving product he tried. Horrible reactions to everything.
    He used the most aggressive razor he could find. "My beard is so tough", yadayadayada.
    I told him to get a vintage Gillette and work on his technique. Took over a year to convince him, while I watched him suffer.
    He finally gave it a try.
    After about three months he was getting nice, smooth, close shaves, and about 90% of his problems with shaving product ingredients disappeared.
    Yea, he has some sensitivity. But that aggressive razor was what he was most sensitive to.

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    I went through a stint about 20 years ago where I was out of town and ran out of my soap and aftershave in a small town. Went to a mom and pop drug store (the only one in town) and got some cheap Williams brand soap and some Clubman after shave. Basically, it's all they had. I sense the Pinaud Clubman after shave was probably 25 years old or more. Literally, there was crusted dust on the bottle and it smelled odd when I opened it. This was a small drug store, the kind that really don't exist any longer, and most of the product was well out of date. Not sure if it was the Williams Soap or the Clubman after shave or both but my skin was raw and sensitive for days. I could not shave the next day nor the day after that. It took a while for my skin to calm down. I actually reverted to a 3 blade deisposable with Barbasol Menthol shaving cream IN THE SHOWER to try and gently shave while I was showering just to keep the whiskers at bay while babying my face. I used to shave in the shower at college and never had a problem with skin so thought that may help. it seemed to help a bit.

    But what seemed to really help was using menthol alcohol (the green stuff in drug stores) cut with water as aftershave for a few weeks, so that it's down to about 25 percent alcohol, and the menthol has a cooling effect. This really helped calm down my skin. For a while, I stuck with this concoction as after shave. Honestly, it's probably the cleanest and most healthy as it's just diluted alcohol with some menthol.

    Stress sure does influence skin sensitivity. Stress greatly lowers the immune system and throws your body's defense and restoration mechanisms out of whack.

    Hope all is good soon.


    "I get some lather and lather-up, then I get my razor and shave! Zip Zop, see that? My face Is ripped to shreads!" - Bill Cosby on Shaving

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