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Thread: Face Lathering Tips....

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    I'm in the "face lather only, mugs are for porridge blah blah" camp.
    And I'm also in the cool/cold/whatever comes out of the tap camp, it just lowered the irritation level and improved the shave results.

    But before I went cold...I found that the brushes that take up a lot of water in soaking (here Piggy-Piggy) did a good job of staying "warmish" if soaked in hot water.

    Leatherstockings has a good summary of what they would call in consultant speak "best practices for ____ "

    And give the cold/cool water a shave with a Straight Razor so it's not like they are going to come for your Man Card any time...ever...
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    I use cold water out of the tap. I swish the brush across the sink water, give it a light shake, another light shake over the puck and proceed to load the brush. I add water as needed by the swish and shake method loading the brush till I have enough proto lathe for my shave.

    Wet face with sink water and commence face lathering adding water same as before till I get the lather I want then shave. Repeat for as many passes as you are going to do.

    With creams you can either dab some on your wet face, swish and shake the brush an commence face lathering. Add a bit of water as you go with the same swish and shake method till you get the lather you want to shave with.

    Use whatever temperature water you want.

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    I face lather, because I'm lazy and in all honesty I've never been good at bowl lathering. For me personally I find face lathering to work better for me.

    I face lather both creams and soaps, I put some water on puck or my cream and then pour the water out, I wet my brush and then shake it out, swirl around on my creme or soap and continue to swirl around on my face.

    Then I add a tad of water to the brush and continue to swirl around, I re-wet my brush a couple of times until the lather is nice and wet/slick.

    If I'm being a little less lazy than usual, I lather up twice before commencing to shave.
    I rarely re-lather on my face for a second pass, I just wipe my brush with lather on the areas I do a go-over. My skin gets easily irritated if I lather up again on my face.

    I use one of those L'Occitane synthetic brushes, I think they are French made, but I can't recall the maker.
    Anyways, it's the only brush I ever use anymore, I really dig those.

    Face lathering when I grow out my beard is pretty fun in all honesty!
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    I only face lather and love a warm lather. What I found is a bit contrary (imagine that). Instead of soaking the brush while I shower I shower first and then get near boiling water and only soak my brush for maybe a minute, maybe less. The lather is hot on the first pass. The other thing is I only load enough for a pass at a time so I go back to the water and soap every pass to add some more. First pass= hot lather; second pass/touch up=Very warm lather; third pass(rarely needed)=warm lather.
    I found by soaking my brush while I shower it really loses some heat. It’s warm-sort of but not really warm of hot like I like. Phrank, remember “the manliest shave” video? That’s what I aim for on the first pass. So hot I shout “ayiii”.
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    I squeeze tubes wit shave creams empty in a tub before use. Not much else to add, most has been said above.
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    Face lathering: bowl lathering's ugly little sister
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